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Картинки по запросу mailbox alert описание что такое

This command is used to move a mailbox from one Zimbra server to another. Mailboxes mailboxes network can be moved between Zimbra servers that share the same LDAP server. All the files are copied to the new server and LDAP is updated. After the mailbox is moved to a new server, a copy still remains on the older server, but the status of old mailbox is closed. Users cannot log on and mail is not delivered. You should check to see that all the mailbox contents were moved successfully before purging the old mailbox.
Mailbox Alert allows you to specify, for each separate mail folder, a message, sound and/or a system command that will be executed when new mail is found there.

This way, you specify different actions for less important folders, or no action at all.

Due to the individual folder (or filter) mailbox alarm, the plugin is configurable with a right-click on an account or folder, not in the main preferences window. Please read for more information and examples.

Additionally, while I haven’t spent much time on it lately, please send bug reports to me directly. A negative review is fine, but I cannot engage to get bugs fixed through reviews.
A sensor linked to the home device attaches to the top of the mailbox. When the door is opened the sensor alerts the home device to tell you your mail has arrived. If you call our customer service, you can give your cell phone number to an operator who is also alerted when your mail arrives. The operator will send you a text message. You can choose to be alerted in your home, by cell phone, or both. On the home device you must press OK after you have taken your mail from the box, then the sensor will reset.
What I would Do Different
Instead of having a device in your home, I would create an app to lower the price.
Add a feature where you could turn off the sensor and home device.